Updates to this page will be published as and when required. Crews are urged to ensure that they check this page regularly to confirm that they have the latest information.   

Travel Information – Arrivals in Malta 

Certain restrictions may apply, depending on whether the traveller is coming from a country that is included on the Green, Amber or Red list. For latest information please visit the link below:-


Mandatory Travel Documentation - All crews arriving at Malta by boat must complete the following:-

Maritime Declaration of Health 

Public Health Travel Declaration  

Passenger Locator Form 

The completed forms are to be sent by email to the following address [email protected] and [email protected] not more than 24 hours before arrival in Malta. 

Travel Information - Arriving in Sicily

Please refer to this link in relation to arriving in Sicilian ports. Health Declaration and Crew Registration is obligatory. 

Sicilian Entry Procedures

USMAF Ordinanza

Access to the RMYC  

Access to the RMYC will be limited to persons who have any business directly connected with RMSR (strictly by appointment) and / or persons who have made lunch or dinner reservations in advance. Although the above will be applicable between the 12th and the 24th October it is preferred that members limit their visits to the club unless necessary.  

Access Protocols  

Anyone visiting the Club and the Club’s offices will be required to wear a mask or visor which covers the mouth and nose. Hand sanitisers will be placed in various areas of the Club and its offices. Social distancing rules will continue to be enforced. As of the 12th October, anyone visiting the Club will have their temperature taken. If this is higher than 37.2⁰C, access will not be allowed. This procedure will apply to anyone visiting the Club including delivery persons, suppliers etc.   

Access Points 

There will only be one access point to the Club.  Security personnel will take temperatures, allow access and ensure that all visitors have and are wearing masks / visors.  Free disposable masks will be provided should visitors not have on them.  Security personnel will be placed at the entrance and pontoon area and only authorised persons will be allowed to enter.   

Bar & Restaurant 

The Club’s Bar and Restaurant will both remain open but will continue to adhere to all the Health Authority Protocols implemented and to any new regulations / directives issued from time to time.  

Checklist for Possible Symptoms of COVID-19 

Any of the following symptoms may be a sign that one is infected by COVID-19: • a temperature of 37.2°C or higher • sore throat • newly acquired uncontrolled cough – for persons with a chronic allergic/asthmatic cough, a change in their cough from baseline • diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain • new onset of severe headache, especially with fever. 

Anyone showing these symptoms should stay at home and report the case to the relevant Contact Person as described in these Guidelines and the Health Authorities for a swab test as appropriate. A member of staff may have been exposed to infection through these situations: • contact with anyone who was confirmed as a case of COVID-19 in the previous 14 days • importing the infection by having travelled abroad in the previous 14 days.  

Increased Hygiene and Sanitisation Measures 

Everybody should take great care in ensuring proper and rigorous hand hygiene and a reduction to a minimum of personal physical contact with others. Hugging, shaking of hands, etc. are to be avoided. The RMYC has taken action to enhance cleaning protocols of work environments. All rooms and the restaurant will be cleaned every morning and at a suitable time during the day according to the room schedule. 

Toilets will be cleaned regularly, at least three times a day. Only disposable towelling will be available. Measures will be taken to ensure that persons using toilet sinks will be able to do so safely. In the best interest of all concerned, you are encouraged to have available at all times personal sanitising products so that own desk surfaces and chairs may be wiped before and after use.    

Hand hygiene: Hands should be washed with soap and water regularly and carefully for at least 20 seconds. If water is not immediately available hand sanitiser should be used. Sanitising stations have been placed at the entrance of buildings and near meeting rooms.  If possible, publicly accessible objects such as door handles or elevator buttons should not be touched with full hands or fingers. Door and window handles, stairs and handrails, light switches and all other grip areas will be cleaned frequently. Sneezing and coughing should be in a flexed elbow, or in disposable tissues, which should then be disposed of properly in a closed bin.  


Journalists are kindly requested to follow protocols as set out in the Media Section

Rolex Middle Sea Race Registration 

Registration will take place by appointment only and strictly limited to only one representative per boat. Appointments for a maximum duration of 20 minutes can be requested by sending an email to [email protected] it is highly recommended to send in all documents prior to registration via e-mail.   


Signage will be adequately displayed throughout the club house and we urge all to follow carefully for the benefit of all concerned.  

Toilet Facilities 

These will be accessible only from the marina area and access will be limited to crews at RMYC Marina and RMSR personnel.   

Travel Information – Departures from Malta 

It is advisable to check with your local health authorities regarding any restrictions that may apply if you are returning from a visit to Malta – this may vary from country to country.      


Scrutineering will take place after the race has been completed and boats will be selected randomly.  The OSR Declaration by the Person in Charge of each entry is mandatory, and will need to be signed and submitted to the registration office by close of registration.  

Social Distancing 

This is considered as the main measure which mitigates against viral transmission. The Royal Malta Yacht Club want to make the Clubhouse as safe an environment as possible. For these reasons, the following mitigation measures related to physical distancing shall be adopted:  

A distance of 2 metres shall be kept between people as well as between staff and competitors during short encounters in offices, hallways and in open spaces. Competitors should avoid crowding especially inside reception area, waterfront area and on the pontoons and other areas, both indoors and outdoors.   

Social Events 

Regretfully, in view of protocols relating to social gatherings and in the interest of all those involved in the 2020 Rolex Middle Sea Race all social events – Coastal Reception Prize Giving, Crew Party, Race Start Reception will not take place. The Final Prize Giving will take place, however, this will be restricted to one representative per boat. The RMSR start and Prize Giving Ceremony will be transmitted live on all RMSR social media. Race Briefings will take place online details of which will follow.  

Use of face coverings (masks/visors) 

Masks and/or visors are primarily intended to protect others, not the wearer, against the spread of infection. The wearing of masks and/or visors in closed community public spaces is mandatory. This clearly includes all rooms within the Clubhouse. Indeed, it is strongly recommended that everyone wears masks and/or visors at all times when interacting with others, including in closed but also in open spaces as well as in the common areas. Disposable masks should be disposed of safely (in a bin) after use. Exceptions to the wearing of masks or visors is during physical activity and in specific medical and/or behavioural settings in line with the Public Health Authorities guidance on the use of masks and visors. People who have these conditions should have available at all times medical or other official evidence regarding their exemption from this requirement.  


The ventilation in all rooms is a factor to keep under proper control given the possibility of viral transmission through air. In order to ensure proper indoor ventilation, windows and/or doors should be kept open throughout the day to allow for cross ventilation. Air conditioning Air conditioning of all rooms and other spaces within the Clubhouse has been checked and is compliant with health and safety guidelines issued by Public Health Authorities.  

Yacht Marinas 

There will be no information desks available at the designated yacht marinas.   


The Club will not in any way be held responsible for any damages arising from the enforcement and implementation of COVID-19  related measures and any person entering the Club or any part of  the Club is doing so at his or her own risk and shall be deemed to be  fully aware of said measures and the dangers associated with COVID-19.   Any person entering the Club or any part thereof shall not bring any  claims, actions or proceedings, against the Club  or any of its personnel, arising from or otherwise in relation to  alleged infringements of COVID-19 related rules and/or damages arising  therefrom.