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Rolex Middle Sea Race

Final Results

Intermediate results are for general interest only and have no bearing on the final results of the race.

Race Event
Transit Points

Boat Name Boat Type Class TCC Elapsed Time Corrected Time Comment Pos Required Finishing Time
MAVERICKMAVERICK Infiniti46RInfiniti46R Class 1Class 1 1.4141.414 d3 h6 m14 s27281667 d4 h14 m37 s57398277 11 Generate Report
CAROCARO Botin 65Botin 65 Class 1Class 1 1.4711.471 d3 h3 m47 s52272872 d4 h15 m29 s54401394 22 Generate Report
WILD JOEWILD JOE RP 60RP 60 Class 1Class 1 1.4961.496 d3 h2 m34 s4268444 d4 h15 m33 s12401592 33 Generate Report
AEGIRAEGIR Carbon ocean82Carbon ocean82 Class 1Class 1 1.4991.499 d3 h2 m45 s51269151 d4 h16 m4 s17403457 44 Generate Report
TRIFORKTRIFORK VOR 70VOR 70 Class 1Class 1 1.6881.688 d2 h18 m59 s45241185 d4 h17 m5 s20407120 55 Generate Report
RAMBLERRAMBLER 27m Canting Keel.27m Canting Keel. Class 1Class 1 1.8281.828 d2 h14 m3 s26223406 d4 h17 m26 s26408386 66 Generate Report
LAETITIALAETITIA SloopSloop Class 1Class 1 1.4611.461 d3 h6 m45 s10283510 d4 h19 m3 s28414208 77 Generate Report
AMBERSAILAMBERSAIL VO 60VO 60 Class 1Class 1 1.4241.424 d3 h13 m47 s5308825 d5 h2 m9 s26439766 88 Generate Report
GREEN DRAGONGREEN DRAGON Volvo Open 70Volvo Open 70 Class 1Class 1 1.6421.642 d3 h4 m36 s19275779 d5 h5 m47 s9452829 99 Generate Report
OZOZ OPEN 60OPEN 60 Class 1Class 1 1.4391.439 d5 h4 m17 s27447447 d7 h10 m51 s16643876 1010 Generate Report
OCEARCHOCEARCH Imoca 60Imoca 60 Class 1Class 1 1.6391.639 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 1212 Generate Report
TURKISH AIRLINES RACING TEAM- BLACK BETTYTURKISH AIRLINES RACING TEAM- BLACK BETTY Open70Open70 Class 1Class 1 1.6411.641 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 1212 Generate Report